eBay brake and clutch levers with an aside about Tusk and Barkbuster handguards


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Jul 7, 2016
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Remote mountain cabin in Montana
Installed shorty adjustable levers from eBay on my NC700X and my WR250R last night. Here's the NC ones.

The machining quality and finish is really good, and the adjusters work with a cam with six steps, the arrangement is very positive with no inclination to release from the position you've chosen. This allows one to set the levers closer for shorter fingers or further for longer ones. I think I'm going to like these, they really feel good, comfortable and smooth and strong! I think they look nice, but for those who are less inclined to like obvious bling, they can be had in anodized black.

I had to remove the plastic cups from the handguards to have good access and one thing I noticed is how much better the Tusk cups on my WR handguards attach. The attachment method on the Storm Barkbusters for NC700X consist of one short pointy button-head screw that goes in from the front, and two tiny screws and a plastic bridge that go in from the back, connecting plastic to plastic. This method does not inspire confidence that a tough secure attachment will fend off separation when the going gets rough.

The Tusk method on the other hand(!) uses two hefty machine screws that are screwed in from the front into threaded holes on the aluminum crossbars, and they go all the way through to the inner surface. They've taken a pounding from dirt naps and everything was just as tight as the day it was installed. The plastic won't easily be ripped away from the assembly. Whats more, is they cost a lot less! Fie on Barkbusters for not doing a better job!