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Problems with a main dealer service [UK]


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Aug 7, 2012
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That's really interesting that it doesn't cover things like the wheels.

I wonder if I'm better off buying a manual for the older model [2016-2020]. Okay - it may have a different wiring diagram and won't feature upgraded parts [such as LED lights] that the 2021 model has - but it will be 95% 'right'.

Any thoughts?
The NCX body panels saw change between 2020 and 2021, and I understand there were frame changes. Engine, transmission, and wheels should be the same. Wiring schematics change almost yearly, even if in small details, but between 2020 and 2021 I would guess the wiring schematic changes were significant. Throttle by wire was introduced.


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Jan 30, 2023
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Hi. Need some advice on problems with a recent main dealer service. on my 2021 NC750.

It's a relatively new bike - so to keep the warranty going - just had the first, full-year service done by my local dealer - last Tuesday.

Where I bought the bike in the first place.

I then rode the bike home [around 12 miles] and it's sat in the garage since then.

Just gone out to discover a large pool of oil under the bike.

Crawling underneath - I discovered the sump plug hadn't been tightened. So loose I could rotate it with my fingers.

I'll be going back to the dealer on Monday to rant about this.

But my question relates this the next issue.

I spy the oil filter - which has been changed.

There are copious amounts of red grease around the seal - enough to be spilling over on to the crankcase/oil pan.

It's ugly and filthy. I have a slight suspicion that there's a little oil leak there too.

My question is this.

Whenever I've replaced an oil filter, I NEVER use grease. Just a little rub of engine oil on to the O-ring and then tighten it up - gently.

I understood that using grease is completely the wrong thing to do - and can even damage the O-ring.

Maybe they had to use grease because they over-tightened the oil filter when fitting it in the first place? Like plumber's putty. The filter certainly feels tighter than 'hand tight'.

It feels as if the whole service has been done by the trainee - no care or attention paid.

Before I go back to the dealer on Monday and let rip - any thoughts on this?

Thank you.
Very sloppy service, run from that dealer and never go back. Do it your self is the best service fix. Easy Peasy.