Safer Turn - automatic cancelling of indicators


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Has anyone installed the Safer Turn system on the NC? This is an after market system that auto-cancels your indicators after to make a turn.
It involves cutting into the indicator turn switch wiring. I am looking for some tips from someone who has installed this on a NC already


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I did buy one, but after looking at the instructions and having trouble figuring out how to open up the turn signal switch on the bike (2012, manual shift), I decided to hold off installation.
I’m guessing the turn signal switch on the bike has been sealed to keep it waterproof, so it’s hard to open up. Then I was worried about “Resealing” the switch after doing the wiring mods.
I too would like to hear if anyone else has completed the installation....


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According to a few folks who installed them on the ST forum, they work okay, but rely on a piece of foam to “ push” the turn signal switch back to the center position. A few folks seemed to really like the unit , seemed a bit too fiddly to me . ( as well as pretty expensive).
To each their own .


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Mine came equipped with this one. Use it every ride on every turn and it wires itself directly to the brain in a week or two.

If the ride is short and not often the wiring never gets completed. That1581891278392.png can be a problem.



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I have a similar one. Occasionally it malfunctions for a block or so, but not very often. The one my friend has malfunctions for miles sometimes though – and no amount of gesticulating at his rear-views nor honking my horn seems to help.


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I installed Safer Turn on ‘12 NC and functions perfect. It actually works better than the factory cancel system on the VFR1200x, because it works on gyro or accelerometer vs distance or time to cancel.

Cancels without error on turns and lane changes.

Install is not novice level...... foam block was not too bad. The switch is NOT sealed.
qWiring you must break wire connections at the junction connector left side front under the fairing. Install is also not expert level either , if your skills are at accessories installs like heated grips or adding power supply fuse box or checking valve clearance turn is in your wheel house.

I would definitely recommended............

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