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Wheel removal ?


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Nov 7, 2021
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Hello everyone
My 10 year old tires with 5,000 miles on them are now splitting from age.
New tires on the way but To take the wheels off the manual says remove the brake caliper
Is this necessary ? its only two bolts each wheel lol
Maybe its just less wrestling with the whole thing
(It's not a Cr 125 were dealing with )

Thanks !
On the front wheel, yes, remove the brake caliper via the two bolts. If you could even manage to reinstall the wheel with the caliper in place, you will fuss with it to get the disk back between the pads, and you would risk causing damage.

For the rear wheel it is not necessary to unbolt the caliper from it’s mount. When you pull the axle bolt the whole mount is going to come free. One thing to remember on the rear brake is that at reassembly, make sure the slot in the caliper mount is engaged over the pin sticking out of the swingarm inner surface.
Be careful also with the ABS sensors when remounting the wheels.
Be careful also with the ABS sensors when remounting the wheels.
Good point. Mine and a lot of the NCs sold in the USA do not have ABS, so I didn’t think of that.