Touring NC700X
Old Can Ride

Touring NC700X

NC700X Touring
Back Rest
Tall Windshield
Fog Lights
Extra Power Plug Outlet
Drink Holder
Iphone Holder
Cruise Control
Cramp Buster
Sheep Seat Cover
Gel Under Seat
Extra Fuel Storage
2" Risers
Nice add-ons! -Except for the backrest maybe. Regarding touring/long rides: When i've exhausted every possible way to sit on the driver's seat (when me ass starts to hurt), I slide waaay back and sit on the pillion for some much needed relief LOL.

The backrest would take that option away from me.
Look towards the bottom of the Givi engine guards, Highway pegs. Straighten your legs out with your back against the back rest. Lifts your complete bottom end up off the seat for miles and miles. Great comfort for the bottom on long trips.

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