1. 1

    Question has anyone attempted to turn the bike by leaning it on the side stand like you can do on other bikes?

    Is the NC700XD simply too heavy for the procedure? I have to maneuver my bike in and out of a tight awkward space which sometimes requires a pivot with very little room. On my previous bike, I was able to pivot it using the sidestand but this bike is much heavier and I'm afraid it'll damage...
  2. Trav-dog

    NC700X wing mirror respray

    Hi all, My stock wing mirrors are starting to look a little worse for wear, and I was wanting to powdercoat them black again, but obviously you cant powdercoat anything with plastic. I was wondering if anyone knows how to dismantle the wing mirror. Or should I just clean it up, tape it up, and...
  3. B

    First bike...2013 NC700X

    Hey member from North Carolina. Picked up my NC a few weeks ago and so far she’s amazing. Just got new Pirelli Angel STs installed, the R Gaza bars, and the should have came with one from the factory center stand. Next will be some Aux lights. Looking forward to the many miles we...
  4. andyFromWi

    Information 2014 NC700X Run of of gas test (0.7 on the dash, 56.7 miles)

    I decided to run a test and see how far I could go when I get the low fuel flashing indication and see if there would be any issues starting the bike after running out of fuel. This is something I always like to do with my motorcycles, get a rough idea how many miles I can truly drive before...
  5. B

    Honda Nc700x clutch grind

    Hello all, I am now a proud owner of a good second hand Honda Nc700x. My specific question is in regards to the clutch, for some reason unbeknownst to me I was at a stop street but forgot to shift down to 1st. I attempted to pull off in what must of been 4th gear and the clutch disengaged with a...
  6. D

    FS: 2012 Honda NC700x standard. Loaded. $3900 or b/o

    Selling by beloved NC700x with 15k miles under the belt. The bike has been super reliable and I have had zero issues since I purchased it. She is fully loaded with probably all the bits and pieces you can find for this model: - GIVI engine guards - Burkbusters hand guards (real hand guards. Not...
  7. BigIslandGuy

    Front fender extender, OEM windshield, OEM exhaust in GREAT shape! All offers considered

    I recently bought a 2012 NC700x (woohoo!) and it came with some extras that I don't need. And I accidentally bought an Ebay fender extender to keep mud off the radiator, but the bike already had one so its extra. That was $20. I also have an undented, excellent condition exhaust with heat...
  8. Mt Baker Washington

    Mt Baker Washington

    June 2018 North Cascades MT Baker. !,800 miles from home in Minnesota
  9. my first NC700x

    my first NC700x

    Yippe-Zip-Skippy!! I was able to purchase it for nearly half price as others i'd been looking at. From the original owner and only 1712 miles!! Happy Man!! :{)
  10. my first NC700x

    my first NC700x

    just purchased a week ago, Feb 2018
  11. Just my Bike

    Just my Bike

    My NC700X resting on a lazy Sunday
  12. On Any Sunday

    On Any Sunday

    Alone time with my NC700X


    by the banks of the Caledonian canal , inverness, before setting of on a trip with nc700x around scotlands answer to route 66, the NC500
  14. Just me and my NC700

    Just me and my NC700

    Doesn't get any better than this.
  15. Snohomish, WA

    Snohomish, WA

    Rode up to north of Seattle to a pumpkin patch in Snohomish.
  16. NC700XD


    My bike at the dealership.
  17. NC700XD


    My bike at the dealership.
  18. NC700XD


    My bike at the dealership.
  19. ready1


    Sitting on the walkway of our house, clean, gassed up, chain oiled, ready to go after dinner. California on a day in March, 65 F. What's for dinner, honey? Make it quick.
  20. Dirty thing

    Dirty thing

    After a ride through Horicon Marsh, the X was a little filthier than usual.