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Question has anyone attempted to turn the bike by leaning it on the side stand like you can do on other bikes?


Feb 11, 2021
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Is the NC700XD simply too heavy for the procedure?

I have to maneuver my bike in and out of a tight awkward space which sometimes requires a pivot with very little room. On my previous bike, I was able to pivot it using the sidestand but this bike is much heavier and I'm afraid it'll damage the kickstand or just flat out be too heavy. Has anyone attempted it and how did it go?
Not sure I would practice that on a regular basis as mentioned above. That is a practice mostly used on offroad bikes which are extremely light. However on a much heavier bike like the NC I don't think I would do the kickstand pivot any good if done regularly.
I expressed this concern with a BMW rep at the International bike show in Long Beach when he asked me what I thought about the huge GS1200 ADV. I have a tight turn to make between a wall and a car that sometimes parks too close.
IIRC, I think he walked over to the huge bike, put it on its centerstand and turned it 180 degrees.

I believe I tried it once with my bike's centerstand and it worked. Not sure I'd do it on the sidestand.
I've done it on the sidestand but it is a little sketchy with all the weight. I've used the centerstand as a pivot and that seems stronger. I ended up making a lazy susan style turntable that I put the center stand on and can swing it around in the garage pretty easy now. I alo beefed up the sidestand with 1/2" angle iron as I use it to get on the bike and my first one ended up bending.

Good Q and something I’m thinking about as I moved from a CRF250l to a 2022 w/ DCT. Anyone have issues different from above? Not thinking I’ll do this regularly but would be good to know if, when really needed, I can do this in the field when I get stuck off-road on a trail that is too narrow to turn around in another way . . .thanks all! Be well.
I’ve done it with light dirt bikes, but not a road bike. I typically back mine out of the garage, the NC is light and not too tall so it’s easy. (‘Course I did the same exact procedure with my Super Tenere which was both tall AND heavy). Spinning a heavy road bike on the side stand looks to me to be more trouble than it’s worth YMMV
Hello all
I have been using one of the above for at least six years now.It is such a part of my routine for turning my bike and backing it into my garage I cannot imagine not having it.Over the years the rubber has come off and the centre now has a nut and bolt but still it lives on and does what it says on the tin.
I would thoroughly recommend this product and am rather suprised no one has mentioned one already
Safe riding
I do it often, no problems yet.
I only need to lift enough weight so the tires slide on the garage floor.