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    My frunk is locked!

    certain year of NC had a recall on the lock to the frunk due to this issue, check you vin and have the dealer deal with it if part of the recall
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    Crash, a bent wheel, no broken bones, but no idea what's next

    just buy a new wheel, that would be the best solution.
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    Lane Filtering Bill Passed in Utah

    agree. there is no reason to lane split were traffic is moving at decent pace. i only split when there is traffic, in CA is always... lol
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    Lane Filtering Bill Passed in Utah

    i have been lane splitting in CA for 10 years now, it is almost the reason i have a motorcycle, i commute everyday to work. if I drive it takes me 1hr to get to work, if i split lane in the motorcycle i get there is 20-25 min. it would really help traffic if more people were to ride.
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    Kappa GIVI K53 luggage case - SO CAL

    located in so cal like new condition. price : 180- pick up only- too big to ship
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    When I like NC750x but my wife like a car - This is the solution

    i was in hanoi a few months ago, indeed a beautiful county!! the rawness, the people, the food, the sights!
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    New to Honda NC 750x DCT (plan to trade my Aprilia Mana)

    the mana seat height is pretty high, you might not need a lowering kit. try it first and wait for the suspension to settle, you might find that you dont need it
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    How much do you pay to get tires mounted?

    you should start charging half of what every shop around your are charges- make some of the money back, help another ride save money and create competition ... win for everyone !!
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    2018 Nucamp [email protected] teardrop camping trailer

    had it for about 8 months GF wants something else. any one interested? I am located in SO California super light. under 1000 lbs, can be towed by any 4cyl let me know if more photos are needed SOLD
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    Aluminum Swingarm Swap: Favorite Mod Ive Done

    i think the NC should have had this arm from the factory!! anything to reduce weight
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    Frame sliders or guards for rear end of bike?

    this is interesting. I wonder how it would work on the older NC where the oem can is pretty fat.
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    Improving rear brakees

    one way to improve braking is to get super sticky tires.
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    Mileage so good it was scary

    I think the nc700 and ctx700 are the only bikes in the market with this amount of cc getting this amount of mpg.
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    Sena SC10u problem with wind noise.

    have you try the noise control feature in it?
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    Madstad windshield owners - wind noise

    i had a noise with the madstad 20 inch, i went for the biggest shield and drilled a few inches lower. and played with the angle for hours. is really quiet now