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    Andreani Cartridges - A Warning

    The 'W' notation to oil means nothing. Instead consult charts like this. Dropbox - Fork oil weights.html The DDC can have the shim stack altered to match your oil choice. The DDC has no ability to tune rebound. It's just a spring-loaded bypass plate in that direction.
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    Ohlins Fork kit set on Nc700x

    Depending on fork length the Ohlins NIX-22 from the MT07 or R3 (20mm longer) can be made to work without any surgery to the fork stanchion. Both of these have M41x1.0 threaded fork caps which I believe the NC family has as well. The OP sure looks like a NIX-30 (MSRP $1200) but for what bike I...
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    Andreani Cartidge Fork Kit

    sorry to necro-thread but I think it warrants further clarification Changing springs is usually a waste of time when the culprit is valving. I can't speak for the factory's insistence but they really have no business taking that stance. The valving is simply not workable on normal roads. On...
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    Matris cartridge fork conversion

    the 'faux damper rod' is actually 3 pieces of which the lowest with the bottom-out cone is screwed into the intermediate tube. A little heat and some good clamping and you can replace the 'foot' with a longer one. Or replace the mid-pipe with a longer one. Or you could fashion a simple extender...
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    Andreani Cartidge Fork Kit

    Indeed the grinding isn't a big deal, but you lose the top-out spring. Did you happen to notice if they put one inside the cartridge? or are they still using the solid plastic 'bumpers' and the thick O-ring as a poor substitute? The Matris F15 kit by comparison requires no changes at all since...
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    Matt in northern VA (USA)

    I have too many bikes already but maybe it's time for an NC? My first was a CB750. If you have suspension (esp. forks) questions, I probably have answers.
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    Front suspension upgrade!!

    I've done 3 bikes with GVE and found the results rather sub-par and the tuning is PITA and messy. I switched to full-on cartridge and it's night and day. I'm familiar with the Andreani kit (not bad but needs help) and the brand new Matris F15 series which is very nicely machined and top quality...
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    Andreani Cartidge Fork Kit

    BTW, the USA distributor (on East Coast at least) is Fast Bike Industries. I did a review of the Andreani back in May/June and made some pointed remarks to the factory about how they had configured the spring spacer and preload rod. Seems they took it to heart. That probably explains the...