2020 Honda Rebel 500 [Model Overview]


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The Highly Anticipated 2020 Honda Rebel 500 Breaks Cover Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links When Honda pulled the covers off of the revamped Honda Rebel 500 back in 2017, a revolution occurred. Once a dowdy and tired looking model, the Rebel was redesigned into a smart and contemporary motorcycle that had instant ...
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I put 7500 miles on a 2017 last year. Even with a Corbin saddle I just never was comfortable on it, too cramped. Nothing wrong with the 500 until I started to run on big roads, too underpowered. Traded in on a NC750X!


I've read alot of folks really like the Rebel 500......just wish it didn't have shimmed valves.
Rebel 300 owners like their thumper as well.....cams do not need to be removed for shim replacement, so I've read?
I sat on one at my dealer. Felt really light & the seat is very low. Good first bike for someone maybe 5'2"- 5'7". I'm 6'1" so it felt cramped for me. What I learned about forward pegs: You won't know if you like them in the showroom. You'll know an hour into a ride. I hated them.