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Handlebar weight is rotating around axis but not in correct way, kind of wobbling...


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Sep 20, 2016
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I have 2013 NC700X DCT. I bought it from first owner. Since then the handlebar weights were a bit off from the handlebar axis. Handguards were installed and now I'm assuming it probably has something with it.
But I'm pretty sure the main "cause" for the issue am I - I dropped the bike twice, once broke the handguard plastic part. I used the loctite and it was ok for a while, and on my last 2-3 rides it would become loose and I had to tighten up every couple hours. And then nothing would help. You can see it here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LpMNbhQ8jwpLY4CT7
As you can see the handlebar weight is rotating around axis but not in correct way, kind of wobbling... On both handlebar weights.
How to fix it? I'm assuming I have to buy all inner parts?


The weights and the screws I bought last year, still in good condition.

Is it something I can do myself (using the service manual) or I should take the bike to the shop?

Thanks for any help.
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Looks like you are missing items #12 & #13 from the diagram. In your video I see what appears to be the end of item #9 which is not flat the outer end as shown in the diagram.

It is hard to tell but it also looks like the screw may be bent?
Good catch! You're right


And the screw is not perfect but not so bad to cause the issue, I think


I have a spare internal weight assembly from when I installed the Kaoko throttle lock. At this point I'm never goimg to undo that.

2013 NC700X (non-DCT, but that dosen't matter)

So, if you decide you are missing parts and need a new assembly, PM me to discuss cost and shipping. I would be willing to part with mine.
Some recommendations. The external weight should interlock with the internal weight. Try holding the external weight and tighten the screw.
I just tried and it doesn't help. It looks like the screw is to long, never goes in all the way. But It's original, I bought it from Partzilla, with the weights.
Also, the "lock" (mating 'step' as TNHoosier said) on the inner part is not a "half" (take a look at the picture in the previous post) so it there is some wiggling too.

Here is the video that shows how the whole inner part is turning and I'm assuming it shouldn't?

I'm also assuming previous owner installed inner part from the handguard kit, but somehow used the original handlebar weight - what mislead me?
Here is the video that shows how the whole inner part is turning and I'm assuming it shouldn't?
The inner part does turn, that is correct. To tighten the bolt that goes in the end, you need to hold on to the outer bar end weight. (The twisting force is translated through to the inner bar end via the 'keyed' inner bar end that mates with that face with the slot in it.

It is just friction fit, not actually fastened to the tube. I believe this is on purpose so that the vibrations don't translate to the weight.
As halfSpinDoctor said, you need to engage the step in the external weight with the step of the internal part to hold everything from spinning while tightening the screw. The screw threads into the far inner parts to squeeze things together, expanding the rubber bits to create a friction fit. The bent screw may be preventing the threads being engaged in the far inner piece.

Get a new screw and hold everything from turning with the outer weight engaged with the step while tightening the screw. In the end, you can still twist the weight with some effort when properly installed.
I was able to find an internal weight in my bucket of widgets. This has the retaining clip removed. The rubber bushings are the only friction on the inside of the bars. When the outer weight is interlocked with the inner weight, by holding the outer weight it should prevent the inner weight from spinning as you tighten the screw. If the screw binds and you can't hold the outer weight I would expect the bent screw to be the issue.