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This thread is divided into four posts not counting the Introductory post #1. Please scroll down to read each section.

Post # 2 - Questions for People Considering Purchasing an NC700/NC750

Post # 3 - General Questions

Post # 4 - Maintenance Questions

Post # 5 - Modification Questions
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Questions for People Considering Purchasing an NC700/NC750

Q: Is the NC700/NC750 the right bike for me?
A: There are a number of threads that attempt to answer this question. The NC700X is a very versatile bike. There are a lot of OEM and aftermarket accessories available to customize the bike to your needs. It can be effectively used as a commuter, touring machine, or light off highway bike. If the upright ergonomics fit you and your riding style fits the bike then it is a good choice. If you are expecting a 100 HP sport bike, you should keep looking.

Q: Is the NC700/750 a good choice for a new rider?
A: Safety should be the first priority for a new rider. If you have not already, you should consider taking a course by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) or similar organization.

There are two essential questions the new rider must answer for themselves. Are you tall enough for the seat height and are you strong enough for a 700cc class motorcycle. Compared to other motorcycles of the same size the low center of gravity of the NC will be beneficial to the new rider.

Finally, make sure the bike fits your desired riding style. This is sometimes difficult for a new rider to know. If you are looking for a versatile commuter, one up tourer, or light adventure bike the NC will serve you well. If, for example, you are looking for a sport bike or cruiser you should probably look for a different motorcycle.

Q: I live in the US and was wondering if I can purchase a NC750S in Canada and bring back to the US?
A: The short answer is no. For a discussion on the issues involved with trying to do this, see the following thread.

Q: Is the NC700/NC750 a scooter or a motorcycle?
A: A scooter is characterized by a step-through floorboard space and the engine is mounted on the swing arm. Scooters usually have a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The NC700/NC750 is available with a dual clutch transmission (DCT). Because of this automatic transmission some people consider it a scooter.

The NC700/NC750 does not meet any of the definitions of a scooter (including transmission). It is without a doubt a motorcycle.

Q: Are there any issues that are commonly reported for the NC700/NC750?
A: Most people find the seat uncomfortable. The main complaint is that there is too much forward slope. This slope causes the rider to slide against the fake tank. The bigger issue is that it causes most people a lot of discomfort and causes them to have to stop frequently. There is an easy mod that can be done to raise the front of the seat ( ). There are also a number of aftermarket solutions available from companies such as Seat Concepts, Shad, Corbin, Russel Day Long, etc.

Broken Frunk (storage compartment) lock; To help prevent this press down on the frunk or seat when opening them. Some people have installed hidden emergency pull cables in case this happens. Honda has issued a product update (basically a recall) for a limited number of bikes. Here are a couple of threads that discussed this in detail.

2014 trip meter random reset; This is a known issue with the 2014 NC models affecting the Trip A reading. The Trip A value randomly resets to zero. Honda has offered to replace affected units. Some owners are choosing to keep the defective unit because they don't want their odometer reset to zero.

Some 2014 models shipped with Dunlop Trailmax tires that wear very quickly. Honda has been replacing these tires at no charge.
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General Questions

Q: Should I wear ear plugs when riding a motorcycle?
A: The amount of noise exposure you experience will depend on your helmet, riding speed, and riding time. However as a general rule the noise level experienced will be well above the threshold where damage occurs. You should wear ear plugs to protect your hearing. Here is a thread with a link to an excellent article on the topic

Q: Where can I get a owners manual or service manual for my NC700/NC750?
A: The official service manual for the NC series is published by Helm, Inc. For more information see the Helm website at This material is copyrighted. As such no links to unlicensed copies are allowed on the forum.

The owners manual is available through your local Honda dealer or Helm, Inc. at the website above. The owners manual has information that will enable the owner to perform all the routine maintenance (including answers to frequently disputed questions like fluid specifications), body panel removal instructions, and other great information.

Q: Are the same models available in all countries?
A: No. Since this is an international forum it helps to keep this fact in mind. The US does not get the NC750 and ABS is only available on the DCT. Canada and the UK get the NC750 and ABS is available on the manual transmission bikes. Australia only gets the NC700S and NC750S. There are other differences in models offered in other countries.

Q: What is this Frunk that everyone is talking about?
A: Frunk is short for front trunk. It refers to the storage compartment on the NC that is located where the fuel tank is on other motorcycles.

Q: Why can't I get the fuel economy some others get?
A: There is no simple answer to this question. Factors affecting fuel economy include aerodynamic drag, riding speed, riding habits, rider weight, winds/weather, etc. The most important factors are aerodynamic drag and speed. Any modifications to the bike will affect drag positively or negatively. Some mod effects even seem counter-intuitive.

Q: Why does the red fuel gauge bar stay on?
A: The red bar is directly applied behind the LCD display. When the display is registering at least one bar, it blocks the red bar from sight. When the last bar flashes, it appears to be flashing red. This design also means the red is visible when the instrument panel is powered down.

Q: How do I get my Fuelly stats to post in my signature?
A: SergeantChuck put together a pretty detailed explanation on how to add Fuelly stats. See post #19 in the attached link.

Q: Are there any tips or tricks riders can use to help with mounting/dismounting the motorcycle.
A: Please see the following link for a discussion on the topic.

Q: Are there any questions I should not ask on the forum?
A: You can ask any question and the group will almost always respond graciously. However, there are some topics that result in numerous differing opinions that will only serve to cause more confusion. For these topics it is best to rely on the owners manual, service manual, or local dealer. You can also search for these threads and read for hours if that is what you are into.

The following are frequently disputed topics that should probably just be avoided;
"Do I need to change my oil?", “What oil should I use?”, “what gas should I use?”, "Should I use synthetic oil?", "Can I continue riding on a patched/plugged tire?", "Lane splitting, practical or completely insane?", "Regular maintenance, how much is too much?", etc.

Q: What does a horn relay do and why would I need one?
A: The horn switch (button) is designed to handle a lower amperage load than some horns require. A horn relay allows the horn to work without burning out the horn switch. The oem horn does not require a relay but aftermarket horns with high current draw do.

Q: Will my helmet fit in the "frunk"?
A: Posted by bo7o: call me crazy... but I wanted to summarize all the posts fit or not fit...anything with a make and a size listed...I wanted to get a feeling for which brands have best chance for fitting.

tips: remove the document holder on bottom! Battery cover can also be removed. Tilting the helmet a litttle has helped...

ok here's the list with my odd naming scheme ;-)

F: Fits
D: Disagreement (at least one person got it to fit!)
NF : does not fit
* very snug
+ doc storage removed
$ battery cover removed

Arai Profile F[XL]
Arai RX7 F[L]
Arai RX-Q F[L] NF[XL]
Arai Signet-Q NF[XL] F[XL*$]
Arai szRam3 F[M]
Arai Tourcross 3 (XD4) F[XL]
Bell Arrow F[M, 2XL]
Bell Revolver EVO NF[L]
Bell Revolver Modular NF[XL,2XL]
Bell Star Carbon NF[XL]
Bilt Explorer Adventure NF[L]
Bilt Fusion F[XS]
Bilt Spirit F[L,XL]
Bilt Solar F[M*] NF[L]
Cabery Justissimo GT NF[M]
Caberg Konda F[M]
Fly Racing Trekker NF[XL]
Fulmer F[L]
HCI 89 F[2XL]
HJC IS-33 F[L,2XL]
HJC CL-16 F[L]
HJC CL-15 F[L]
HJC CL Max Modular F[L]
Icon Airmada F[M,2XL*+$]
Icon Alliance NF[L]
Lazer Monaco F[S,L]
LS2 FF370 F[XL]
MSR Xpedition NF[L]
Nexo Touring 3 F[XL]
Nolan N43 F[M,L,2XL]
Nolan N85 F[L]
Nolan N86 F
Nolan N90 F[L]
Nolan N91 F[XL*]
Nolan N103 NF[M]
Nolan N104 F[L]
NZI Vitesse II F[L]
Schuberth S2 F[M]
Schuberth C3 F[S,M,L]
Scorpion EXO 500 F[M*]
Scorpion EXO 700 F[XL]
Scorpion EXO 900 F[M,L], D[XL]
Shark S700 F[L]
Shark Vision NF[XL]
Shoei GT-Air F[M]
Shoei J Cruise NF[L]
Shoei Quest F[M] D[L] NF[XL]
Shoei Neotec F[L,2XL+]
Shoei Raid 2 F[L*]
Shoei RF1000 F[XL]
Shoei RF1100 F[M,L*] NF[XL]
Shoei RF1200 F[2XL+]
Shoei TZ-R F[L]
Shoei X-11 F[M]
Suomy Jet F[L]
Takachi TK30 F[XL]
Torc T-22 Mod F[M]
Uvex GT-500 F[2XL] ?
Vega Summit II F[L]
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Maintenance Questions

Q: How do I properly adjust the chain tension?
A: The following thread discusses the proper technique for adjusting the chain Below is a summary of the required tasks (please read thread for detailed description with photos);

1. Lift the rear wheel of the bike off the ground while ensuring that the bike is stable and will not fall.
2. Clean and lubricate the chain with products that are safe to use on o-ring chains.
3. Remove and clean under the front sprocket cover.
4. A chain alignment tool or straight edge is recommended to ensure proper alignment of the rear wheel as you adjust. Do not rely on the markings on the swing arm to align the rear wheel/sprocket.
5. Pull the bottom section of the chain down and measure to a stable reference point.
6. Push the bottom section of the chain up and measure to the same stable reference point.
7. Subtract to determine the amount of deflection of the chain.
8. Loosen axle, release the lock nuts on the adjusting bolts, and turn adjusting bolt to obtain proper slack measurement ( 30-40mm (1.2 to 1.6 inches)). It is better to be a little loose than tight.
9. Make sure everything is properly seated and aligned and tighten. The rear axle nuts should be torqued to 98 N-m (72 ft.-lb.).

Q: What are the stock chain and sprocket specifications?
A: Specifications are listed below;

OEM Drive Chain(Size) - (Number of Links) [Model]
DID (520) - (114) [DID520VO-114LE]
RK (520) - (114) [RK520MKO-114-LE]

Sprocket Tooth Count
Front- 16T
Rear- 43T

OEM Drive Chain(Size) - (Number of Links) [Model]
DID (520) - (112) [DID520VO-112-LE]
RK (520) - (112) [RK520MKO-112-LE]

Sprocket Tooth Count
Front- 16T
Rear- 39T

There are a number of opinions on how to maintain the chain and sprocket. The following thread has a lot of member input on the topic

Q: What tires will fit the NC700/NC750?
A: The following is a good thread that discusses the various tires people have used on their bikes.

Q: What aftermarket oil filters fit the NC700?
A: This thread has a lot of discussion on this topic ( ). Below is an excerpt from the thread.

From Motorcycle Oil Filter Cross Reference these filters all fit the NC700:

Recommended filters. All have superior filtering.

About 2.5 inches long.
Purolator Pure One PL14612, about $6.
Mobil M1-108, about $12. Made by Champion.
Bosch 3300, about $6. Made by Champion.
Wal-Mart SuperTech ST6607 Made by Champion.

About 3.25 inches long.
Purolator Pure One PL14610, about $6.
Mobil 1 M1-110, about $10. Made by Champion.
Bosch 3323, about $6. Made By Champion.
WalMart SuperTech ST7317, about $2. Made by Champion.

Q. The spark plugs called for in the manual are ridiculously expensive and hard to find. Is there another spark plug that will work?
A. NGK BKR6E-11 spark plugs will work fine. They are less expensive and readily available. See this post for more discussion on spark plugs:

Q: How do I adjust the valves?
A: The NC series motorcycle uses rocker arms to actuate the valves. Each rocker arm has an adjusting screw with a lock nut. Most people report very little movement when they measure the gap. It is still important to check the valve adjustment every 8,000 miles (especially the first one). With a little mechanical ability and the proper tools this task should take about 3 hours the first time and 2 hours each time after that.

Here are a couple of threads that are very informative on the topic. Please take the time to read through both.

Q: How do these plastic body fasteners work?
A: The owner's manual has illustrations and instructions on operating the fasteners. Pushing the center in unlocks them and then the whole clip can be pulled out. To reset it, spread the legs out a little and they can easily be pushed up and into the pin shaft. The center section will then be raised above the rest of the clip. Insert the clip into the hole and then push the center section down flush. with this action, the clip will be locked in place.

Q: My trip meter will NOT reset! What do I do?
A: Read the owner's manual. Most often the button pressing sequence used is incorrect. The left button cycles through the odometer, tripmeter A, and tripmeter B. Holding the right button a few seconds while the desired trip meter is displayed resets it to zero.

Relevant threads:

Q: Do I need a battery charger?
A: It depends on how you use your NC. No other maintenance is needed if you ride regularly and each trip is long enough to fully charge the battery. If you ride infrequently or routinely make very short trips you should consider using a charger/conditioner. For routine charging you should only use a conditioning battery charger like a Battery Tender.

Q: How should I prepare the bike for winter storage?
A: The following are some of the more important things to consider doing in preparation for storing the bike; cover or store indoors, oil the chain, remove/disconnect the battery or connect to a battery maintainer, add fuel/ethanol stabilizer or remove fuel.
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Modification Questions

Q: Where can I find instructions for installing accessories?
A: The following thread presents information on how to download instructions for installing Honda OEM accessories.

Q: What aftermarket hard and soft bags fit and what bracket part #'s are needed?
A: There are a large number of panniers (side/saddle bags) and top cases available for the NC700/NC750. In fact, there are too many options to answer this question in this FAQ. Please read the following thread for the answers.

Q: How do I install the springs on the center stand?
A: There are two schools of thought on this. Several people believe the easiest way is to follow the instructions. Most people, however, seem to prefer using a strap or string tied to the rear wheel to leverage the spring into place. This can be done by pushing the bike forward or by using a ratchet strap. The following thread illustrates these methods

Q: Do I really need a center stand?
A: A center stand is not required. It does, However, make chain and rear wheel maintenance easier. It is also a very stable alternative to parking on the side stand in some situations.

Q: Can the NC700X/NC750X be lowered for shorter riders?
A: Yes. There are several aftermarket lowering kits including Kouba Link, Lust, and Soupy. Enter “lowering link” in the search field and you will see at least a dozen threads on the topic. Some owners have also made their own lowering links.

Q: How do I remove my stock bar weights?
A: The handle bars are fitted with internal and external weights to reduce vibrations. It may be necessary to remove these weights to mount hand guards. Note; many owners choose to leave them on and get a longer screw to mount the hand guards. The following thread discusses removal of weights as well as some alternatives to removal.

Q: Why do my stock bar weights turn? Are they loose?
A: This is perfectly normal due to the design of the internal mounting structure. The ease with which the bar end weight turns can vary between bikes and even between the left and right side of a single bike.

Q: I want to add electrical accessories and/or heated clothing. Can the electrical system on the NC handle the additional Load?
A: the NC700 has 420 watts (or approximately 30 amps) total output rated at 5,000 rpm. Some of this energy is used by the NC for it's normal operation. I do not know the output of the charging system on the NC750.

The amount of extra capacity is not readily available. However, I believe we can safely assume it is at least 7 Amps (84 - 98 Watts) because the Honda oem accessory harness is protected with a 7A fuse. Also at least on rider reports wearing heated clothing with no electrical overload. Heated gear should be off until the bike is in motion.

Q: What is the best way for me to connect electrical accessories to my bike?
A: Best is a subjective word. Three ways that come to mind are as follows;
1) connect directly to the battery.
2) Add an aftermarket relay or power distribution panel to connect to.
3) Use the oem Honda sub-harness. Aftermarket connectors are readily available that fit the sub harness. The harness is pre-configured for several accessories such as lights, heated grips, and power outlet. For more information see this thread

Q: Has anyone put two disks on the front wheel?
A: No. This would be a very expensive proposition and the original design is very effective without modification.

Q: I want to configure my NC700X/NC750X for off highway use. What aftermarket accessories (and manufacturers) would be good for protection from light impacts?
A: Some of the more commonly installed items for this purpose include;
Hand guards (Trackside, Barkbuster, Cycra, Acerbis, etc.)
Skid plates (Hondabikepro/South Bound Honda [user/advertiser on this forum], Hepco & Becker, TCI Products)
Crash bars (GIVI, Hepco & Becker, TCI Products)

Q: Is there a way I can modify my bike to allow the Frunk or rear seat to open without removing the ignition key?
A: Several members have made a covert key using a cheap blank (HIS not required) and a plastic knob. See the following thread for details.

Q: I have heard that some aftermarket windshields can focus sunlight in a way that causes damage to the bike. Is this true?
A: Several members have reported melted instrument panels as a result of this effect. It seems certain aftermarket screens are more prone to this. It would seem that the problem would surface in the hottest months of the summer but, in fact, it can occur any time of year. The angle of the sun relative to the bike is what causes the melting problem.

The following threads have ideas for minimizing/avoiding this effect.
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Attention new members

We have several new memebers. I thought I would bump this thread up for visibility. Please read this thread. I believe it is packed with a lot of good information. There are a lot of links to other threads that you can read for detailed information.

Post # 2 - Questions for People Considering Purchasing an NC700/NC750

Post # 3 - General Questions

Post # 4 - Maintenance Questions

Post # 5 - Modification Questions
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