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Ruroc: Meet the New Star Wars Collection


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Nov 11, 2011
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Ruroc’s known for its fantastically-themed lids; from the Marvel Avengers Collection to the highly-anticipated DC-Themed Collection, the American lid manufacturer has delivered time and again – and this time, we’ve been given the perfect addition to the ATTGATT-conscious, rev-happy rider’s “gear”drobe:

Meet the all-new Star Wars Collection featuring Ruroc’s swanky ATLAS 4.0 Carbon.

Ruroc’s take on George Lucas’s epic space opera and multimedia franchise includes the following models:

  • Darth Vader ATLAS 4.0 Carbon
  • Stormtrooper ATLAS 4.0 Carbon
  • Boba Fett ATLAS 4.0 Carbon

Darth Vader ATLAS 4.0 Carbon​

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“Embrace the Dark Side”​

For this collection addition, Ruroc’s ATLAS 4.0 Carbon channels the inner Sith with a dark scheme that pays homage to both the Death Star and George Lucas’s very first character, the antagonist-turned-anti-hero, Darth Vader.

Legend has it this guy wasn’t the best father figure, but we can vouch for the stunning silhouette.

Stormtrooper ATLAS 4.0 Carbon​

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“Join the Ranks of the Empire”​

Naturally, no good-versus-evil verse would be complete without those evil minions that couldn’t shoot the broad side of a barn.

Is it the helmet?

Some say so, but hey – at least championing the Empire’s elite forces with Ruroc’s ATLAS 4.0 Carbon renders better visibility.

Boba Fett ATLAS 4.0 Carbon​

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“Embody the Bounty Hunter Spirit”​

What do you do when you’re a genetic clone and the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy?

Pick up a bike, dude; the Boba Fett ATLAS 4.0 Carbon may not feature beskar’gam (the iconic Mandalorian armour material of choice), but the ATLAS 4.0’s multi-density EPS structure and integrated RHEON polymer technology guarantee ECE 22.06 safety ratings, rendering top-tier safety against nearby threats…including the nearest twisty tackle.

Here’s what Ruroc’s Head of Branding, Neal Duffy, says about the collection:

“Our goal with the Star Wars Collection was to create a unique fusion of iconic Star Wars characters on the perfect canvas that is the ATLAS 4.0 Carbon.

Whether you’re a fan of the Sith, a follower of the Empire, or a devotee of the Mandalorian way, this collection gives you a chance to showcase your passion for the Star Wars universe while prioritising safety and functionality.”

– Neal Duffy (Ruroc)

What do you think of the new Star Wars Collection?

*Media sourced from Ruroc*​

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