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Ruroc Reveals Their Marvel Avengers Collection


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Nov 11, 2011
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As much as ATTGAT should be the name of everybody’s game, there’s something so powerful about a rider’s chosen bike style.

Our Powersports industry is so aesthetically diverse that one man’s trashy ‘fit could be another’s daily swag (and vice versa) – and while the residual nose-thumbing may be as important as choosing the gear itself, the real trophy goes home with the brand willing to punt out new schemes on the regular.

Today, our spotlight shines on one such company.

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Ruroc, known for their DC-themed collection that came out last year, has just dreamed up a stunner Marvel Avengers helmet collection (if you’re into that side of the franchise).

According to the recent press release, the collection consists of three lid schemes:

  • Black Panther-inspired ATLAS 4.0 Carbon
  • Captain America-inspired ATLAS 4.0 Carbon
  • Iron Man-inspired ATLAS 4.0 Carbon
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The chosen lid for the livery is Ruroc’s newest debutante, the ATLAS 4.0. Boasting a host of updated perks like a quieter performance, a comfier fitment, and better ventilation, this baby was on Jim Pruner’s list of gear to review last year – and she got a decent rating, too.

Today, riders can head to their nearest dealership for an order… but if you’re down to wait for another three days, you’ll have access to Ruroc’s new Marvel trifecta.

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Meantime, we’d like to hear from you. Which motorcycles do you think would best suit the Black Panther, Iron Man and Captain America helmet schemes?

*Media sourced from Ruroc*​

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