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What's your top recommend mod?

Two things I haven't done yet, but have eyes on are heated grips and some USB outlets in the frunk. Also maybe a light inside the frunk lid??? Not sure. I spend way too much time in the dark.
The Honda OEM USB kit is a complete plug and play solution. Easy simple install. However it is a single USB-C port. There are adapters to convert from USB-C to whatever type you have. I've never needed more than one port at time (yet). But my jump pack has 2 USB ports available should I need an additional port.
I've ordered some parts to do four things.
1.simplify the electrical by installing a fuse block in a custom project box (built from acrylic), flush mounted inside the frunk. This will eliminate the Eastern Beaver harness installed earlier. I feel like it's kinda crammed in the battery box and is a little chaotic.
2. Add switched, led lighting inside the frunk.
3. Add a USB charging inside the frunk.
4. Add a switched, direct-to-battery connection for charging/other.

This is, for me, pretty aspirational. I've ordered a whole new frunk for this experiment and it very well may fail spectacularly. I'll keep you posted.
In my initial post I indicated that I had "sudo-inherited" this bike, but I did not expound on that. Here goes: it had been sitting for a while at a relative's (father-in-law) residence who recently offered it up as something I could use/hang-onto, as they haven't been riding. Yesterday they were over for Thanksgiving and I said "um...I added some stuff to your motorcycle... NOTHING THAT CAN'T BE UNDONE, wanna see?" I was pretty nervous, but they loved everything I've done to it. Whew!
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Update to post #32.
I added the R Gaza highway pegs, I don’t care for them, they are mounted too high and are not forward enough for me.

For cold weather I added Kemimoto handle bar gloves, (HippoHands). These are a great addition for cold weather riding.

Still thinking about:
raising the front of the seat.
adding conspicuity (is that even a real word?) lighting.