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    removing rear plastic - behind rear seat

    I need to get the passenger seat hinge out (or at least accessible) so that I can replace the broken part. I pulled out the 2 obvious bolts holding the small plastic part behind the passenger seat, and couldn't get it off. Suggestions, or an alternative means of access?
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    Brake and plate light out

    I've found that when one filament fails it often wiggles around, ends up touching the other filament, and the other fails in short order
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    Building NC700X suspension for sport/track riding?

    they have versions for sport riding too
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    Building NC700X suspension for sport/track riding?

    you might look into Ranger Point Precision fork upgrade for the NC the Ranger Precision stuff too. It's more expensive but, for street use, I like the idea of extra suspension travel. Around here I see more racers running Penske than Ohlins, but both are good.
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    Swing Arm Slider?

    Warp 9 Exhaust Slider - Toxic Moto Racing I have one of those on my race bike and imagine it would work on the NC as well
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    Will Folding Mirror for Africa Twin fit NC700X

    Honda 88210-MGS-D30 - Best Price on Honda MIRROR, R. BACK Parts at the right mirror is the same part
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    Lost a bolt ...what size is it I need to find?

    Is that not a special fender bolt? I agree that it's M6x1.0, 14mm sounds reasonable.
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    36 is VERY small for a rear sprocket: the smallest I've seen stock on any bike is 38. Here in the US, stock gearing for a normal transmission is 16/43 and for DCT 16/39. I'm seeing that the later DCTs were 17/39. I thought I'd read of people changing the gearing on DCTs without a problem...
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    Passenger seat doesn't want to open

    has anyone else had this break?
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    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Yes, it's a skeletonized steel sprocket Given the cost and minimal weight savings vs Superlite I'm not a fan
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    would u pay $1000 to avoid a skinned knee??

    you don't need to spend $1000. you can get a decent option for $200.
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    would u pay $1000 to avoid a skinned knee??

    I agree that gloves are #2 on the list of gear. I've ridden down the street wearing shorts, t shirt, sandals... helmet, gloves.
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    would u pay $1000 to avoid a skinned knee??

    Yep. When people say they think jeans do anything, I remind them of playing on a playground in elementary school. I imagine that everyone fell down and skinned their knee through their jeans at least once. And that was with much less weight on it, at awfully low speed.
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    How long did your original clutch last?

    for anyone who was curious... his clutch is still fine, and I think I'm at 47k.
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    Brake Rotor Question

    I don't see how sticky pistons could cause pulsing (unless they caused the rotor to overheat and warp)