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Happy Birthday Angry Bird

the Ferret

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Apr 14, 2021
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Well, as of today, it's been 2 years since I picked up my 2021 NC 750X DCT. I nicknamed it Angry Bird because it's red and the shadow cast by the beak below the headlight when the sun is just right makes it look like an angry bird flying along like the Cardinal in the Angry Birds video game lol.

So, how has it gone?

There have been no mechanical breakdowns other than the one day when my mil light came on as I was leaving the house, so I parked it. Later that night I tested it and it went out and it hasn't come on since. That was a few months ago.

A couple of times it wouldn't shift into drive, until I discovered that my side stand was still down .... oops my bad!

and one time my ignition switch wouldn't turn, until I discovered I put my Helmert Guardian key in the ignition instead of my Honda motorcycle key ... oops my bad again!).

Everything was fine once I put my side stand up and used the correct key! Duh!

As of today, I have ridden it 30,107 miles in all kinds of weather from snow to torrential rain to searing heat. I ride an average of 302 days a year in the Midwest.

Oil has been changed 4 times. @ 851 miles, 7,978 miles, 15,422 miles, and 23,638 miles. Engine and DCT filters twice @ 851 miles and 15,422 miles always using Honda GN4 10W 30 and Honda filters.

It's due again for oil & filters at 31,422 miles

I changed the original front brake pads and changed F&R brake fluids at 23,405 miles (still on the original rear pads)

I replaced the original chain at 23,405 miles (still running original sprockets)

Still running original spark plugs and air cleaner.

I'm on my 5th set of tires:
The original Metzler Tourance Next's were replaced at 7,130 miles with Michelin Road 5's
The Michelin Road 5's were replaced with Pirelli Angel GT's at 15,709 miles having gone 8,579 miles
The Pirelli Angel GT's were replaced with Shinko Raven 09's at 23,405 miles having gone 7,696 miles
The Shinko Raven 09s were replaced with Pirelli Angel GT's at 29,883 miles having lasted 6,478 miles
I'm 224 miles into the second set of Pirelli Angel GT's

I generally average around 74 miles per gallon in warm weather and around 64 miles per gallon in cold weather on 87 octane with 10% ethanol. (why the difference? I have no idea.

I added a battery tender jr pigtail, some Oxford heated grips, a T Rex rear luggage rack and a Puig Touring screen which I run on trips and when it's cool. In the heat of summer, I run a cut down stock windshield to get some air. I have been happy with all those purchases. I also added a Nelson Rigg Tail Pack, a digital thermometer from Pet Smart and made a frunk knob.

This coming winter I will change the spark plugs, air cleaner, coolant, have the valves inspected and have the safety recall for stalling done that I have never had done, as I have never had the stalling issue.

so far, so good.
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Looking well.:)

Hmmm plugs. There are 51,000kms (31,600 Miles) on my plugs currently and they seem ok. What is the consensus on here with regard to plug changes ?
I changed my plugs at 62,000 miles. I had no problem with the old plugs...just wanted to change them . Matter of fact, changing plugs and air filter had no affect on mpg. Kept the old plugs as back up....
Looking well.:)

Hmmm plugs. There are 51,000kms (31,600 Miles) on my plugs currently and they seem ok. What is the consensus on here with regard to plug changes ?
I don’t think there is a consensus on spark plug change interval. There are probably people changing them frequently per the owner’s manual, and people doing it later, and people going way long. I’m in the latter camp, with 66,000 miles currently on the original plugs. Since these are iridium plugs that commonly go 100,000 miles in cars, I think I’ll try to run mine to 100,000 miles. If misfire or other symptoms developed before that, I’ll change the plugs then.