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    Power for GPS.

    Hi here is my latest electric issue, I have just purchased a USB charger (polo moto) and not sure how to wire it in. Basically I want to use my Nokia phone Lumia 925 for Sat nav and keep it charged up. So far I have mounted the twin USB sockets on the handlebars, pushed the wores through to...
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    NCX : 2013 Photos Galore (nice ones only please)

    NC700X manual High in the swiss mountains.
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    New NCX Owner Excited Despite Rain Delay

    Welcome from Switzerland. Great biking.
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    Seat mod......slope change

    Hi thanks to all, I did the seat mod (raising seat) using advice from this forum thread, got the 4 furniture coaster rubber buttons and put them in the correct places and glued them down with some strong adhesive. Then made the bracket with a 10cm metal rounded hinge I found in the plumbing dept...
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    Comment by 'Mikeinswiss' in media 'image15'

    XT600z Tenere
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  7. XT600z Tenere

    XT600z Tenere

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    Tank pad ?

    Hi I purchased an Oxford tank pad, Oxford Spine tank protector similar to the link and it kept peeling off the 'frunk' on the bike, got so frustrated even after trying some adhesive to really stick it that I found in my garage. peeled it all off gently cleaned where it had left the glue and now...
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    What do you do for a living?

    Sports Teacher.