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NC750 Very quick off a line

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Just a short story before I shortly depart this forum. As mentioned elsewhere on here I recently parted with my X-Adv for a new Transalp. However a few days prior to the trade I had occasion to go into Dublin for some business. Having been retired for over 10 years this is now a rare occasion for me, but having commuted for many years the filtering etc still comes as second nature. Just prior to coming off the Motorway enroute I was passed on the ramp by a very rapid looking BMW with several exhausts out the back and that colourful "M" on the trunk lid that signifies something special. Nice looking car and the driver was obviously in a hurry. It sounded great also. He went on his way and I moseyed along on the X-Adv.

I approached a set of traffic lights on what was now a dual carriageway. There were about 4/5 cars stopped at a red light on each lane. I filtered to the head of the traffic and stopped ready to move on green. I noticed the BM on my right but thought nothing of it. I certainly wasn't thinking of a drag race. The lights went green and the BM unexpectedly tore off like a scalded cat. Okaaaay. I gave the X some throttle, but He had gotten the drop on me and was gone. Tbh I had never given this bike the beans away from a set of traffic lights like I used to do frequently back in the day on my Silverwing, especially if I was beside a BM rider. That old Silverwing humbled many a good motorcycle off the lines.

At the next set of lights there was no traffic ahead of me other than the BM and he was ticking over in the next lane. I pulled alongside in the slow lane and thought "What the heck, just one more for old time sake". I was ready for the lights and the X was ticking over in 1st. On the "G" of green I whacked open the throttle hard. I could hear the BM giving it the beans beside me but the X was off the line so quick it even took me by surprise, and it got the drop on the car. I was ahead up to third gear, but he was catching me fast. Then I had to slow for a truck that had pulled onto the carriageway from the side up ahead. The BM was on his way. At the next set of lights I filtered again and He was stuck in traffic.

So I enjoyed that little escapade and I had a new appreciation of the NC motor especially with DCT. It has serious ability to get off a line with that torquey motor and that wonderful DCT system. With a standard gearbox and clutch there is no way I would have gotten the bike off the line as quickly as it did that day. On my current Transalp it would either have stood up on the back wheel or stalled with the same treatment. I am not even sure if my former trusty Silverwing would have gotten off the line that quick, but the Scoot certainly took the BM driver by surprise that day.

I will certainly miss the X-Adv's uniqueness and that great DCT system. However my new bike is a very pleasing ride and has that plushness of suspension and wheels that my lower back has been craving some time. Such a pity that the X had to go.
I have been experimenting with clutchless upshifting. I never really appreciated the time lost due to clutch movement until I started experimenting with this. The DCT shifting would be even faster. Never thought about until you shared.