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    Back rests and Butty Buddy?

    Hello I have a backrest with carrier made by John it's very well built and looks good on the motorcycle as well. You can find him on eBay or he's on this site as well. Safe travels G
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    Highway Tire Search

    Tires are the best thing you can have between your wallet and the asphalt !
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    Hello From England

    When I first rode my Beloved NC700X I was thinking what had I done. I've ridden much larger displacement and much higher horse power motorcycles. After a short while I re taught my self to adapt to the NC. Possibly my favorite ride of all times. Enjoy. G-dawg
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    Hello From England

    Hello, Shift early before you hit the rev limiter hits in. I'm originally form South End on Sea what part of England are you in ? Gerald
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    New Tom Tom Rider GPS

    I just bought two weeks ago. It works great new in the box $330.00 on eBay with the mount system and life time map up dates. Very nice system !
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    New 2013 NC700X Owner - Central IL

    Hello and welcome to this forum lots of really good information and helpful advice. I live in Bloomington, IL. What part of Central IL are you from ? Gerald
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    Was about to give praise to our drivers of cars......

    How was your Subway? Safe travels. G
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    Leftover 2012- Good deal?

    Great deal !
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    Hey Y'all! 7th NC in SC!

    It only gets better. Enjoy your new ride. I'm heading to Suches, Ga. next week.
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    Dealer Recommendation in Central or North Florida

    Don Kuhn @ champions will take great care of you. Tell him Gerald Krotke said hello.
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    A new source for Handguards........:)

    Will not work on NT700X. I ordered a pair from the advice from this post. The bar end and the mirror mounts are off. At best you would have to move your lever mounts in over a inch. Making the clutch and brake lever almost unusable. After moving my lever mounts inward and mounting then...
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    Took Delivery

    I bought a one last June absolutly love love love it ! Enjoy the ride.
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    Can't wait for my new backrest to arrive...

    Hello, I've got one as well super nice and very well built.
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    got ma seat done!!

    Very nice !
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    Baffle removal from stock exhaust

    Hello, I have a new stock exhaust free to you if you are interested in fixing your mistake. You pay the freight. G.