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    2015: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Took the Leo Vince Decat off. Last in a line of bits removed in past few days as getting bike to stock ready for a part ex ...
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    All About Her Bike

    After watching that it would seem white bikers cant dance...
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    Kriega Opinions?

    I have both the US 5 and 10. Excellent bags that fit well on rear seat
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    Nc700 visits "hollywood"

    We were up there at the observatory on Saturday the 10th and the crowds were a lot less then when we went 18 months ago in the height of summer but I know what you mean as there are just too many cars going up and down and stopping here and there and then you have all the parking up the hill by...
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    Nc700 visits "hollywood"

    Nice .... was there this time last week but minus my bike, back in the UK now....
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    A New Way to Open Your Trunk Without a Key

    UK NC owner used an acutator and few other bits to make his release but his uses wireless remote
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    False tank open without ignition key modification

    Friend called Oldman on uk site made his a remote release ... works well
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    Radiator Guard and Fender Extender Questions

    I have the same guard and fender extender. Great quality and styling by Bruudt while the extender I attached using silcon sealant and still on there after 2 years
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    SW Motech Alu-Rack

    I have it...good easy fit and used a 40L bag using the Quick lock luggage plate which has plenty of points to attach straps
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    Seat Concepts for S model

    The seat on the X is different shape to that of the S, at least that is true for riders seat but maybe pillion seat is same on both bikes
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    I'm glad ONE of us was paying attention...

    I dont get why you felt the need to p[ost the video as this sort of thing happens daily and its part of the risk you take sharing the road with other road users
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    2015 Versys 650 - another NCX Challenger?

    Better looking than a NCX in my opinion and no beak is a plus :)
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    I think I found a stable mate for the NC

    I like it ... Ducati Scrambler
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    Cheers I like it. Now that CB1000r looks tasty :)
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    You are a lil bit more leaned forward but I much prefer that to the bolt upright position on the X as it feels more sporty and just a more natural position for me. Have a look here to compare bikes against each other after entering your details